Bordeaux 2021


Jani Kastikainen is a graduate student of theoretical physics working on high energy physics.

Research interests

  • Classical and quantum aspects of gravity
  • Conformal field theory
  • Entanglement in quantum many-body systems

My research interests

Classical and quantum aspects of gravity

All known forces of nature have been understood quantum mechanically, but not gravity. 

  • The AdS/CFT correspondence
  • String theory
  • Topological theories of gravity (such as 3D gravity)

Picture of AdS space with holographic duality equation involving a correlator.

Conformal field theory

Relativistic quantum field theories symmetric under conformal transformations are called conformal field theories. They appear as universal descriptions of quantum many-body systems near a critical point and as dual descriptions of quantum gravity in the AdS/CFT correspondence. I’m interested in CFTs as useful 


  • Applications of quantum information theory to CFTs
  • Universal aspects of two-dimensional CFTs
  • Field theories with boundaries (BCFTs) and their holographic descriptions

The equation for the Weyl anomaly?

Path integral?

Picture of a torus?

Relative entropy equation?

Or some equation from the BCFT paper? (add reference to the paper)

Entanglement in quantum many-body systems

An unintuitive feature of nature is entanglement which is behind the famous spooky action at a distance as said by Einstein. 

  • One-dimensional quantum systems such as spin-chains
  • Quantum thermodynamics

Jordan-Wigner transformation?